UAPI Functions - Themes::get_theme_base


This function returns the cPanel account's base theme. If you have modified the current theme, this function returns the name of the theme that you modified. For example, if you have modified the x3 theme to create your own custom version, the function would return x3.


 cPanel or Webmail Session URL

 LiveAPI PHP Class

 $cpanel new CPANEL(); // Connect to cPanel - only do this once.
// List the account's current theme.
$get_theme_base $cpanel->uapi(

 LiveAPI Perl Module

my $cpliveapi = Cpanel::LiveAPI->new(); # Connect to cPanel - only do this once.
# List the account's current theme.
my $get_theme_base $cpliveapi->uapi(

 cPanel Template Toolkit

 <!-- List the account's current theme. -->
[% data = execute( 'Themes', 'get_theme_base' ); %]
[% FOREACH q = data %]
         [% q %]
[% END %]

 Command Line

api --user=username Themes get_theme_base



  • You must URI-encode values.
  • username represents your account-level username.

 Output (JSON)

    "messages": null,
    "errors": null,
    "status": 1,
    "metadata": {},
    "data": "paper_lantern"



Use cPanel's API Shell interface (Home >> Advanced >> API Shell) to directly test cPanel API calls.



This function does not accept parameters.





Possible values




 The cPanel account's base theme. 

The function returns only one of the following strings:

  • paper_lantern
  • x3
  • unknown


 The function returns unknown when it cannot determine the base theme that you modified to create the custom theme. 



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