Reverse DNS (PTR Record) Policy

In an effort to reduce SPAM abuse, The Linux Fix is implementing new policies for client requesting Reverse DNS (aka "RDNS", or  "PTR Records") for TLFDS or zVPS server products.

In order to obtain Reverse DNS records, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  1. The domains in the RDNS request must have up-to-date WHOIS information, WHOIS privacy disabled, and address information which matches your account's billing information.
  2. The account for which the RDNS request is for must not use a free email domain provider (i.e.,,, etc).
  3. The account's address for which the RDNS request is made must not be for a P.O. box, "vanity address", or "temporary rental" space.  This address must be confirmed as valid and related to the account holder.
  4. The telephone number on the account making the request will be voice-verified.
There will be zero exceptions to these steps, as we feel it is in the best interest of everyone using our services that they are necessary to maintain the quality and integrity of our network.

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