Accessing your server via SSH

Some TLFHosting products allow you to login with SSH, also known as Secure Shell.   SSH provides shell access to your Linux operating system.

If you are a Linux or Mac OS X user, your computer should already have the necessary tools to use SSH.   On these platforms, open a Terminal (the program is called "Terminal" on OS X), and issue the following command:

ssh root@<your IP here>

Where "your IP here" is the IP address of your server.  When prompted for a password, use the password assigned to you by TLF Hosting for your SSH login.

If you are a Windows user, you will need a program called PuTTY to SSH to your host.  You may download PuTTY from here:


Once downloaded, start PuTTY and ensure the connection type is SSH.   Finally enter your server's IP address and click "Connect".

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