Bandwidth overage calculation

Bandwidth overage is calculated on the last day of the calendar month at a rate of $90 per Terabyte, pro-rated.   Any overage amounts are billed and due immediately.   You will also be notified via email of the details regarding the overage.  TLF provides detailed bandwidth usage graphs for each dedicated server on your account!  These graphs are updated every 5 minutes, and are available 24 hours a day.

Here is an example overage calculation:

Bob Jones has server hsds148, and his monthly summary bandwidth usage at the end of the month was 10.04 Terabytes.   TLFHosting provides 10TB of summary bandwidth for free, thus he was 0.04 Terabytes (roughly 40 Gigabytes) over his quota.

The calcuation is then:

$90.00 x 0.04 = $3.60.

So Bob's overage charge for the month is $3.60.

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